Close More Homes With a Cost-Saving
Alternative to Title Insurance

Stand out as a real estate professional by using our insured attorney opinion letter. Significantly reduce closing costs for your clients by hundreds, even thousands of dollars, without sacrificing coverage or peace of mind.

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Open the Door to Homeownership

Maximize value for your clients and stand out in a competitive market

In a challenging real estate landscape marked by high-interest rates and steep home prices, AOLPro emerges as a strategic tool in your arsenal. By advocating for an innovative alternative to traditional title insurance, you can directly address your clients’ concerns about escalating closing costs and position yourself as a forward-thinking real estate professional.

Client Savings

Borrowers save an average of over $1,000 when using an Attorney Opinion Letter. AOLPro offers comprehensive coverage for the homebuyer, lender, and investor for one flat fee that is much less than traditional title insurance.


Your clients can use an AOLPro when they purchase or refinance a home. Available in all 50 states on loans up to $1M, AOLPro provides coverage for both the lender and the homebuyer, so everyone is protected!

Universal Participation

Any lender can participate! AOLPro is easy to integrate into current lender processes and can be provided through a third-party title company or the lender’s own captive title provider.

Benefits for Agents

  • Stand out with innovative solutions.
  • Simplify your transaction process.
  • Enhance client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Lead with forward-thinking professionalism.
  • Adapt and thrive in a challenging market.

Benefits for Clients

  • Save significantly on closing costs – $1000s.
  • Get comprehensive protection quickly.
  • Access a universally accepted option.
  • Make informed choices with clear benefits.
  • Enjoy a smoother, more affordable closing.

Real Savings, Real Examples

Stand out in a challenging market

In a time when affordability is the top barrier for new homebuyers, AOLPro offers a glimmer of hope. As an agent, leveraging AOLPro not only aids your clients financially but also positions you as the go-to agent who understands the market’s challenges and actively provides innovative solutions. Let’s make homeownership dreams a reality together.

Loan Type Purchase
Loan Amount $700,000
Total Title Insurance Fees $5,470
Total AOL Fees $1,245
Total Saving $4,225
Loan Type Purchase
Loan Amount $675,000
Total Title Insurance Fees $3,988
Total AOL Fees $1,245
Total Saving $2,743
Loan Type Purchase
Loan Amount $392,000
Total Title Insurance Fees $3,548
Total AOL Fees $1,145
Total Saving $2,403

There’s only one AOLPro

AOLPro is the only full-coverage attorney opinion letter that protects the lender, homebuyer, and investor.

Embrace AOLPro and differentiate your services by offering an innovative, cost-saving solution that aligns with the needs of modern homebuyers. Let’s redefine the closing experience together and open the door to more possibilities for your clients.

When you choose AOLPro, you can rest assured that you’re getting exclusive access to:

  • Industry-approved AOL insurance
  • Reliable, experienced national attorney network
  • State-by-state compliant AOL templates
  • Proprietary AOL technology
How It Works

Agents like you have already saved their clients thousands.

By promoting the use of attorney opinion letters as an alternative to title insurance, you position yourself as an agent at the forefront of the industry. Here’s how to start:


Learn about AOLPro

Understand how our insured attorney opinion letter provides a cost-effective alternative to title insurance, all while ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for everyone involved.


Close with AOLPro

Highlight the benefits in your client interactions and marketing. Emphasize the savings, comprehensive coverage, and streamlined process to show your commitment to value.


Save with AOLPro

Assist your clients in choosing AOLPro for their transactions. Celebrate the savings achieved and reinforce your reputation as an agent who delivers exceptional value.

Handsome broker showing a room to a single mother and child, representing agents saving clients thousands with an attorney opinion letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary difference between the two is not in the risk profile but in the cost structure. An AOL can save a homeowner hundreds or thousands of dollars at the closing table, whereas title insurance remains a burdensome cost that appears consistently from one transaction to the next, regardless of the risk being underwritten. 

Title issues have been substantially reduced over the past two decades, with approximately 75% of title searches revealing clean title. However, the cost of title insurance has remained steady and, in many jurisdictions, is no longer commensurate with the risk. Similarly, with access to better data and more robust technology products, the savings being realized by title agents should be passed on to the consumer. AOLPro is intended to do just that. 

Yes. An AOLPro is produced using the same search, examination, and curative processes as title insurance. The input is the same, and the output comes in the form of an attorney opinion letter instead of a title insurance policy. If there is an error or defect in any part of the process, from order intake to recording, it is fully covered.

Yes. AOLPro provides both lenders’ and owners’ coverage. Instead of requiring the homebuyer to purchase two separate policies as they do with title insurance, the coverage is combined into one AOLPro. The AOLPro coverage follows the loan into the secondary market and extends for the life of the loan. It is important to note that not all AOLs on the market offer owners’ coverage. In instances where owners’ coverage is not provided, it is unlikely that a borrower will obtain an owners’ policy, exposing them to increased risk.

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