An Alternative to Title Insurance for Savvy Homebuyers

Reduce your closing costs by $100’s or even $1000’s with an insured attorney opinion letter. Coverage for the homebuyer, lender, and investor. Available in purchase and refinance transactions for one flat fee.

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Every Single Penny Counts

Say goodbye to expensive title insurance and hello to savings

Closing costs are a significant and intimidating expense, making it difficult for many individuals to become homeowners. These costs can add up to thousands of dollars, typically beyond your control. AOLPro is a revolutionary alternative to title insurance designed to lower closing costs for homebuyers.

Consumer Savings

Borrowers save an average of more than $1,000 using an Attorney Opinion Letter. AOLPro offers comprehensive coverage for the homebuyer, lender, and investor for one flat fee that is much less than traditional title insurance.


You can use an AOLPro when you purchase or refinance your home. It is available in all 50 states on loans up to $1M. AOLPro provides coverage for both the lender and the homebuyer, so everyone is protected!

Universal Participation

Any lender can participate! In fact, 
Fannie Mae has already accepted more than 10,000 loans with an Attorney Opinion Letter in lieu of title insurance. Contact your lender to find out if AOLPro is available for you.

What Can Savvy Homebuyers Do?

Closing costs for purchasing a home are shockingly high

Title insurance is a significant portion of your closing expenses. Despite advancements in technology and increased data availability, the cost remains high. Title insurance companies continue to charge premium prices simply because there has never been an insured alternative — until now!

  • AOLPro can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on closing costs. That’s money back in your pocket!
  • AOLPro is an alternative to title insurance that protects you, as the homebuyer, and your lender for one flat fee. There is no additional charge for protecting the homebuyer like there is with title insurance.
  • AOLPro covers you for the total purchase price of your home.
  • AOLPro includes a full title search and review by an experienced real estate attorney.
  • AOLPro is the first full-coverage alternative to title insurance on the market. This means that savvy homebuyers nationwide can now benefit from the savings of an insured attorney opinion letter.
Your Savings Better Spent Elsewhere

The affordable alternative to title insurance

When you get your closing cost estimate and realize it’s significantly higher than expected — the answer is yes, there is something you can do to lower it. Ask to replace the owner’s and lender’s title insurance with AOLPro.

Loan Type Purchase
Loan Amount $700,000
Total Title Insurance Fees $5,470
Total AOL Fees $1,245
Total Saving $4,225
Loan Type Purchase
Loan Amount $675,000
Total Title Insurance Fees $3,988
Total AOL Fees $1,245
Total Saving $2,743
Loan Type Purchase
Loan Amount $392,000
Total Title Insurance Fees $3,548
Total AOL Fees $1,145
Total Saving $2,403
How It Works

Savvy homebuyers like you have already saved thousands on closing costs.

Choosing an attorney opinion letter instead of title insurance is a smart move for savvy homebuyers. This innovative alternative significantly reduces closing costs and ensures comprehensive protection for your real estate investment. Here’s how to save:


Ask for AOLPro

Talk to your lender or mortgage broker to see if your loan qualifies for AOLPro.


Close with AOLPro

AOLPro will be used to close the loan instead of title insurance, protecting you and the lender.


Save with AOLPro

Enjoy your new home knowing how much you saved as a savvy homebuyer with AOLPro!

Happy couple receiving keys to their new home from realtor, symbolizing savings from choosing an attorney opinion letter over traditional title insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. AOL is backed by insurance issued by an A.M. Best A-rated insurance carrier and provides protection for the full amount of the loan for the life of the loan. AOLPro coverage also includes borrower fraud protection, gap coverage, a closing protection letter, and secondary market. Buyback coverage is exclusive to AOLPro and not included with title insurance.

AOLPro comes with a simple and reliable claims process. In the event of a claim during the loan’s lifespan, the lender or its successor will file a claim directly with the insurer. All the necessary claim information will be accessible through the AOLPro. Once the required documentation is submitted, claims are promptly processed and typically paid within 3-4 months.

Contact your lender to ask if AOLPro is available or contact us to learn more.

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