Enhance Your Loan Offerings With a Strategic Title Insurance Alternative

Set your services apart by integrating our insured attorney opinion letter. Offer your clients substantial savings on closing costs, up to thousands of dollars, without compromising on comprehensive coverage or security.

Young family of four holding boxes and moving into new home, happy because their lender used AOLPro and they saved money this alternative to traditional title insurance.

Accepted By:

Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Title Insurance Alternatives Broaden Your Loan Appeal

Craft loans with direct cost-saving
benefits for borrowers

In a market where every dollar counts, AOLPro distinguishes your offerings by adding unparalleled value. Title insurance alternatives like AOLPro lower borrowers’ upfront costs, making your loan products more attractive and accessible. AOLPro not only addresses borrowers’ concerns over closing costs but also signals your adaptability and commitment to borrowers’ financial well-being. Make your loans the preferred choice through strategic incentives.

Illustration of a pig shaped money box with three coins dropping into it, representing the savings from an attorney opinion letter vs title insurance.

Client Savings

Borrowers save an average of over $1,000 when using an Attorney Opinion Letter. AOLPro offers comprehensive coverage for the homebuyer, lender, and investor for one flat fee that is much less than traditional title insurance.

Illustration of a shield with a check mark in the center, representing the eligibility and protection you get from an insured attorney opinion letter vs title insurance.


Your clients can use AOLPro when they purchase or refinance a home. Available in all 50 states on loans up to $1M, AOLPro provides coverage for both the lender and the homebuyer, so everyone is protected!

Illustration of a couple holding a miniture house and keys, representing that they could afford a house when opting for an attorney opinion letter in lieu of title insurance.

Universal Participation

Any lender can participate! AOLPro is easy to integrate into current lender processes and can be provided through a third-party title company or the lender’s own captive title provider.

Benefits for Lenders

  • Mitigate risks with comprehensive coverage.
  • Boost loan attractiveness with lower closing costs.
  • Accelerate closings with streamlined processes.
  • Cut operational costs, maximizing efficiency.
  • Ensure compliance with industry-leading standards.

Benefits for Borrowers

  • Slash closing costs, keeping more money in your pocket.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with full title protection.
  • Experience a smoother, quicker homebuying journey.
  • Access affordable protection, available nationwide.
  • Make informed choices with expert attorney insights.
Proven Savings, Proven Success

Navigate today’s market with strategic advantage

As the financial landscape grows more complex, AOLPro emerges as a pivotal tool for lenders and servicers. Embracing AOLPro isn’t just about offering financial relief to your clients—it’s about positioning yourself as a leader who tackles market adversities head-on with innovative solutions. Let’s partner to transform the home financing journey.

Loan Type Purchase
Loan Amount $700,000
Total Title Insurance Fees $5,470
Total AOL Fees $1,245
Total Saving $4,225
Loan Type Purchase
Loan Amount $675,000
Total Title Insurance Fees $3,988
Total AOL Fees $1,245
Total Saving $2,743
Loan Type Purchase
Loan Amount $392,000
Total Title Insurance Fees $3,548
Total AOL Fees $1,145
Total Saving $2,403

There’s only one AOLPro

AOLPro is the only full-coverage attorney opinion letter that protects the lender, homebuyer, and investor.

Title insurance alternatives like AOLPro elevate your lending solutions by offering a cost-efficient solution that meets the evolving expectations of today’s borrowers. Together, we can transform the loan closing process, unveiling new opportunities and enhancing satisfaction for your customers.

When you choose AOLPro, you can rest assured that you’re getting exclusive access to:

  • Industry-approved AOL insurance
  • Reliable, experienced national attorney network
  • State-by-state compliant AOL templates
  • Proprietary AOL technology
Features, Coverage, & Protection
Available for purchase and refinance transactions
Combined coverage for lender, homeowner, and investor in a single letter
Flat fee for all coverage
Buyback coverage in secondary market transactions
Low-cost coverage aligned with risk
Simple, reliable claims process
Coverage up to full purchase price or loan amount
Coverage for life of loan
Coverage by A.M. Best A rated insurance carriers
Protection against borrower fraud
Closing Protection Letter
Coverage through date of recording (“Gap Coverage”)
Duty to defend by insurer
How It Works

Lenders like you are uniquely positioned to transform the mortgage landscape.

By integrating AOLPro into your suite of offerings and promoting the use of attorney opinion letters as a title insurance alternative, you position your services at the forefront of the industry, where innovation meets practicality. Here’s how to start:


Learn about AOLPro

Dive into the benefits and workings of our insured attorney opinion letter. Understand how AOLPro stands out as a cost-effective, comprehensive alternative to traditional title insurance.


Incorporate AOLPro

Seamlessly integrate AOLPro into your lending operations. Promote its advantages—cost savings, full coverage, and efficiency—within your team and in your communications with clients.


Succeed with AOLPro

Guide your clients through selecting AOLPro for their financing needs, marking each successful closing as a win for both your clients and your institution, strengthening your reputation.

Lender and homebuyer shaking hands, symbolizing the innovative integration of AOLPro for cost-effective title insurance alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

AOLPro was built to integrate with existing title and settlement processes. All data is ingested into the AOLPro platform and a Preliminary AOLPro is generated. Like a title commitment, once the requirements in the Preliminary AOLPro are met, the Final AOLPro is generated and sent to the attorney for review and approval. When the loan is closed, the Final AOLPro is issued. Although the coverage extends through the recording (providing “gap coverage”), there is no need to wait for recording to issue the Final AOLPro. The AOLPro platform tracks every user action and documents every AOLPro, creating an auditable transaction record and eliminating the need for “replacement policies” in the future. 

AOLPro provides a straightforward, efficient claims process. The insurers behind the AOLPro coverage are A.M. Best A-rated carriers that have been providing coverage and paying claims for decades. They are experienced in prompt claim settlements and fulfillment of the duty to defend. This eliminates the disincentives and inefficiencies created by the title insurance agency model.

No. Each attorney who issues an AOL is licensed and governed by the state bar of the state in which the attorney practices, meeting all professional ethics guidelines, while the insurers backing the AOLPro are licensed and regulated by the state departments of insurance, meeting all reserve and reinsurance requirements.

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